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...treated me like family.

Bonita Springs, FL

Marie assured me that I would close in 14 days or less and we did it. I was turned down by others due to their guidelines even though our credit scores are excellent. I was told my debt to income ratio was too high. I recently lost my job after working for an insurance company for five years. I am a Licensed Realtor since 1985 and have purchased properties using No-Doc Mortgages for many years. So now you know how devastating it was when I received a call from a Representative of Third Federal Bank advising me that they would not be processing my loan. Then one morning I received a call from Marie from Foundation Financial Group. This call turned our lives completely around. I have never received the one on one caring service as I have experienced with Marie. She walked me through the complete transaction and treated me like family. Marie definitely is an asset to Foundation Financial Group. Today both Lou and I would like to thank her for her patience and concern.

Barbara and Louis C.